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Avviso di seminari

> 24/01/08
> ore 15-16 Prof. Dr. Gert Wanka,  Chemnitz University of
> Technology,  Chemnitz, Germany: "Closedness Type and
> Subdifferential Regularity Conditions for Conjugate Duality in
> Infinite Dimensional Spaces".
> ore 16-16.30 coffee break
> ore 16.30-17.30 Prof. Dr. Radu Ioan Bot,  Chemnitz University of
> Technology,  Chemnitz, Germany: "On an open problem regarding
> totally Fenchel unstable functions".
> Approfitto dell'occasione per chiederle anche di diffondere
> notizia di altri due seminari che si terranno  presso il
> Dipartimento di Matematica Applicata "U.Dini" il 30/01/08.
> 30/01/08
> ore 10-11 Prof. Immanuel M. Bomze, University of Vienna: " On the
> road to tractability: from combinatorial optimization via
> copositive programming to SDP-based approximation".
> Abstract:
> Quite many combinatorial and some important non-convex continuous
> optimization problems admit a copositive representation, where the
> complexity of solving non-convex programs is shifted towards the
> complexity of sheer feasibility.
> Using characterizations of copositivity, one arrives at various
> SDP-based approximations. However, not all of these are tractable
> with current technology. This talk addresses some approaches on
> which tractable semidefinite-programming (SDP) approximations may
> be based, along with specific strategies to generate interesting
> test instances of intermediate complexity.
> ore 11-11.30 coffee break
> ore 11.30-12.30  Prof. Fabio Schoen, Universit=E0 di Firenze:
> "Practical Global Optimization: from the Circle Packing Contest to
> Binary Atomic Clusters and beyond".
> Abstract:
> In this talk we will review some recent computational results in
> large scale global optimization. Starting from the techniques we
> used and which led our group to win the Circle Packing Contest
> (http://www.recmath.org/contest/CirclePacking) we will explain how
> that experience proved itself extremely useful in a quite
> different context, that of finding the global minimum energy
> configuration of atomic clusters composed by atoms of two
> different types. Differently from classical (e.g. Lennard-Jones or
> Morse) potential energy optimization, for the optimization of
> binary clusters the  combinatorial nature of the problem has to be
> taken into account. In fact, once the coordinates of N atoms have
> been decided, through the minimization of a smooth function,
> exponentially many isomers can be defined, by assigning different
> atom types to different locations (some sort of a 3-dimensional
> anagram). We will present our quite simple strategy which led us
> to find improved configuration for at least 90 of the previously
> known putative optima deposited at the Cambridge Cluster Database.
> Very recently we tried to apply a similar algorithmic framework to
> another, quite unrelated, contest: finding the best departure and
> travel times of a spacecraft which, starting from Earth, should
> visit some (3) asteroids to be chosen in a known group. The
> objective was to minimize a function of fuel consumption and of
> the stay time at each asteroid, with constraints on the maximum
> length of the mission (less than 10 years). Although quite
> unexperienced in this field and although the competition ran for
> only one month, we ranked 10-th out of 23 participants: in the
> talk we will briefly sketch our approach.
> Nel ringraziarla le porgo distinti saluti,
> Barbara Panicucci.
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