[CvGmt News] "Geometric Flows and Operators" at the Ennio De Giorgi Center in Pisa - Spring 2009

Carlo Mantegazza c.mantegazza at sns.it
Thu Dec 18 21:29:25 CET 2008

Dear colleagues and friends,

this is the first announcement of an intensive research period
at the Ennio De Giorgi Center in Pisa about
"Geometric Flows and Geometric Operators" in May-June-July 2009.

The main program will consist of series of lectures delivered by

- Mauro Carfora
University of Pavia
Ricci Flow in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

- Klaus Ecker
Freie Universit Berlin
Regularity Theory for Mean Curvature Flow

- Matthew Gursky
Notre Dame University

- Andrea Malchiodi
SISSA, Trieste
Functional Determinants and Conformal Geometry

- Jeff Viaclovsky
University of Wisconsin, Madison

and a couple of meetings:

- Geometric Flows in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics - 22/25 June 2009

- Conference ``GFO in Pisa'' -- 29 June/3 July 2009

At the end of this message you can find the complete calendar of these main 
events, moreover, we plan to organize during all the trimester daily seminars 
given by the participants.
All the people present will be invited to give a talk on their research 

For more detalied info and abstracts, the website of the trimester is
If you are interested in participating, please register there.

Financial support should be available for young student.
Interested people must fill the form at the link above
BEFORE 15 February 2009.

There is a mailing list for participants or interested people to get up-to-date 
info on the trimester.
To be put or removed from the list, please write an email to
Carlo Mantegazza at c.mantegazza at sns.it, possibly putting GFO in the subject, 
or connect to http://cvgmt.sns.it/gfopisa and register yourself.

We would be grateful if you please can kindly inform your colleagues and 
students interested in the field.

We are looking forward to meet you in Pisa.

Sorry if you receive multiple copies of this message, due to cross-posting.

Our Best Wishes,

Zindine Djadli
Andrea Malchiodi
Carlo Mantegazza


Luigi Ambrosio
Gerard Besson
Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
Sun-Yung (Alice) Chang
Gerhard Huisken


________________ MAY _________________________________________

Monday 4  - Friday 8  : Gursky Lectures I
Monday 11 - Friday 15 : Gursky Lectures II
Monday 18 - Friday 22 : Carfora Lectures I
Monday 25 - Friday 29 : Carfora Lectures II

_______________ JUNE _________________________________________

Monday 1  - Friday 5  : Monday 8  - Friday 12 : Malchiodi Lectures
Monday 15 - Friday 19 : Viaclovsky Lectures
Monday 22 - Friday 26 : Workshop "Geoflows in Math/Physics"
Monday 29 - Friday 3  : Meeting "GFO in Pisa"

_______________ JULY _________________________________________

Monday 6  - Friday 10 : Ecker Lectures I
Monday 13 - Friday 17 : Ecker Lectures II
Monday 20 - friday 24 :


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