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The Center for Mathematical Analysis, Geometry, and Dynamical Systems 
of Instituto Superior Tecnico has opened 4 research positions in 
mathematics in one of the areas in which the faculty of the Center is 
currently active, privileging the following: differential equations and 
dynamical systems (3 maximum); geometry and topology (including string 
theory and mathematical-physics) (3 maximum). All positions are for a 
period of 5 years, subject to annual evaluations.

The Center is a research and scientific training unit of Instituto 
Superior Tecnico (http://www.ist.utl.pt/). It was established in 1991 
and develops its activity in mathematics with special emphasis on 
nonlinear analysis, dynamical systems, geometry, and topology.

The applicants should hold a Ph.D. in Mathematics or in a related area 
relevant to the scientific interests of the faculty of the Center, for 
at least 3 years. They must have a strong curriculum and show a very 
strong research promise.

Details about these new positions and how to apply are available at the 
Center's web page:


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