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Tue Jul 3 09:26:29 CEST 2007

Dal 10 al 12 Luglio prossimi il Prof. ALEXANDER HOLEVO (Steklov
Mathematical Institute) sarà ospite del Centro De Giorgi.
Durante la sua visita terrà 3 lezioni su "Statistical structure of
quantum theory".
Le lezioni si terranno nella Sala Conferenze del Collegio Puteano.

The course presents some basic concepts and rigorous results of a new
scientific discipline – quantum information theory. It starts with a
thorough reconsideration of the mathematical foundations of quantum
theory from the modern statistical/information theoretic viewpoint,
requiring only a minor prior knowledge of standard quantum mechanics.
The concepts of quantum state, observable and (irreversible) dynamics
of a quantum system are carefully discussed and appropriately
generalized. A central notion of quantum communication channel is
explained with a number of examples. The mathematical framework of
the lectures is operator (matrix) theory infniite dimensional Hilbert
space, so that knowledge of a basic linear algebra, along with basic
probability, would be a sufficient technical prerequisite.


[1] A. S. Holevo, Statistical structure of quantum theory, Springer-
Verlag, Berlin NY, 2001.
[2] M. A. Nielsen, I. Chuang, Quantum Computation and Quantum
Information. Cambridge University Press, 2000.
[3] M. Hayashi, Quantum information: an introduction, Springer,
Berlin 2006. 1

Martedì 10 Luglio: 11-13
Mercolediì 11 Luglio: 11-13
Giovedì 12 Luglio: 11-13

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