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Luigi Ambrosio luigi at ambrosio.sns.it
Sat Jan 28 15:18:04 CET 2006

Dear Colleague,

As a part of our NSF-funded FRG grant, we will be having an informal 
spring school
aimed at students and postdocs that are interested in geometric 
especially in topics as listed below. The school will take place in

Ann Arbor, May 8-12, this spring 2006.

There will be five mini series of lectures (2-4 h each) as follows:

Mario Bonk: Quasiconformal geometry of fractals

Alexandre Eremenko: Geometric Theory of Meromorphic Functions.

Juha Heinonen: Quasiconformal mappings and bi-Lipschitz mappings.

Tadeusz Iwaniec: The energy integrals -- an invitation to harmonic 
analysis and
nonlinear PDEs.

Steffen Rohde: SLE and random (quasi-)conformal maps.

In addition, ample time will be reserved for informal discussions.

We will be able fund graduate students and postdocs to attend this 
(tentatively) as follows: people who fly in will get $ 500/person, else
$ 250/person. Inexpensive on campus housing will be available.
In case of a very large number of participants, some selection for 
funding may be necessary

Please spread the word about this meeting. The web site


will provide more information. If you have any questions, please write 
to one of us (juha at umich.edu, mbonk at umich.edu).

With Best Regards,

Mario Bonk and Juha Heinonen

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