[CvGmt News] PostDoc position

masnou at ann.jussieu.fr masnou at ann.jussieu.fr
Fri Jan 20 15:42:01 CET 2006

 A post-doc position is available at the Math. Dept of University Paris 12

1. NOT BEING FRENCH is required.

2. 12 months, starting in september, 2006.

3. Fields of research must be in the fields of the laboratory : a. Non linear elliptic PDE's b. Fourier analysis and evolution PDE's c. PDE's related to geometry. d. Multifractal analysis. e. Probabilities

4. Salary: around 1830 euros a month

5. For more information, send a message to the lab's director Frank Pacard: pacard at univ-paris12.fr before February 15.

6. Decision expected to be made during March, 2006 

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