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Giulia Curciarello curciare at dm.unipi.it
Tue Dec 9 17:46:55 CET 2003

Giovedi 11 Dicembre alle ore 15
Sala Seminari,

Erwan Brugalle terra' un Seminario sul seguente argomento:

Symmetric curves of degree 7 in RP^2 :
Algebraic and pseudo-holomophic classifications.

 A pseudo-holomorphic curve in CP² is the analogous of an algebraic curve
in an almost complex structure of CP². Since the works of Arnold, Rokhlin,
Viro and Orevkov, the pseudo-holomorphic Hilbert 16th problem (which was
originally about the arrangement of connected components of a real
algebraic curve in RP²) seems to be easier to deal with than the original
one. An open problem is to know if the algebraic answer coincide with the
pseudo-holomorphic one. In my talk I will discuss the case of curves with
an additionnal action given by the symmetry [x:y:z] -> [x:-y:z] of CP². I
will give both algebraic and pseudo-holomorphic classifications in degree
7. It turns out that this degree is the first where these classifiaction

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