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                      Summer School

\centerline{Stefan Banach International Mathematical Centre}


\centerline{Poland, September 2-20, 2002}

\centerline{(I Bedlewo - September 2-14, II Warsaw - September 15-20)}



A. Agrachev (Trieste and Moscow), B. Bonnard (Dijon), B. Jakubczyk (Warsaw)


Preliminary program:

Part I (Bedlewo):

B. Bonnard, Symplectic techniques and normal forms in geometric control

B. Jakubczyk, Input-output maps and nonlinear realization theory

V. Jurdjevic, Variational problems and optimal control

W. Respondek, Geometry of static and dynamic feedback

J. Zabczyk, Control and stabilization of linear systems with distributed


Part II (Warsaw):

A. Agrachev, Differential geometry and optimal control problems

H. Frankowska, Optimal control under state constraints

C. Lobry, Singular perturbations of control systems

L. Praly, Lyapunov design of stabilizers

A. Sarychev, High-order Lie-bracket conditions for control problems


The main aim of the school is to introduce young participants
(at the level of PhD students and young researchers)
into the subject of mathematical control theory
with the emphasis on geometric techniques and nonlinear theory.

The first part of the School will take place in a Conference
Center in Bedlewo, 30 km from Poznan, Central Poland. This part
will be more elementary. Each series will consist of 4-5 lectures
(about 70 min. each). Speakers will start with basic notions,
gradually introducing the participants to the subject. Speakers
will provide lecture notes for participants.

The second part will take place in the Banach Center in Warsaw.
This part will be more advanced, each speaker will present 3-4
lectures devoted to recently developed theories. Additional
speakers are expected. Participants will be invited to present
their results, too. Transportation within Poland will be provided.

The School is intended primarily for mathematicians and
mathematically oriented engineers at the beginning of their
career. The typical participant is expected to be a graduate
student or young post-doctoral researcher interested in
Mathematical Control Theory. It will be assumed that
the participant have sufficient background in
Ordinary Differential Equations and Advanced Calculus.

{\bf Paticipation.} The registration fee for the School is 400
euro. This covers lodging and board in Bedlewo (hotel standart)
and lodging and half-board in Warsaw. A limited number of grants
covering the expenses or half-expenses is available, intended
mainly for participants from developing countries.

Prospective participants should fill in the enclosed
registration form and submit it before May 15.
Requests for support of graduate and doctoral students
should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation.

The registration form (together with the recommendation letter)
should be mailed to:

B. Jakubczyk

Banach Center, Sniadeckich 8,

00-950 Warsaw, Poland

E-mail: control at impan.gov.pl

For more information see:



         Banach Centre School on Mathematical Control Theory

                       APPLICATION FORM


Title (MSc, ...):

Current family name:

First name:

Birth family name:

Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy):

Gender (F/M):


Place of permanent residence:

 >From when:







Partial cover of local expenses:   yes/no

Full cover of local expenses:   yes/no

Partial cover of travel expenses:   yes/no

Full cover of travel expenses:   yes/no

If you apply for support, please fill-in the form below.


         Banach Centre School on Mathematical Control Theory


Current family name:

First name:

Date of award of pre-doctoral university diploma (dd/mm/yyyy):

Title and subject area of pre-doctoral university diploma:

Institution where candidate acquired last diploma/qualification -

Organisation Legal Name:



Ph.D. student in (place):

Ph.D. studies started in (year):

Expected date of award of doctorate:

Ph.D. advisor:

Title of doctorate:

Areas of research (subject area of doctorate):

Scientific experience:

a) publications:

b) conferences attended:

c) fellowships, research visits:



Hélène Frankowska
CREA, Ecole Polytechnique
1, Rue Descartes,
75005 Paris France

tel. 33-(0)1-55-55-80-89
fax. 33-(0)1-43-25-29-44

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