[CvGmt News] MathNews List - II

Carlo Mantegazza work at cvgmt.sns.it
Thu Nov 15 15:32:15 CET 2001

Following my previous message...

the Notiziario del DipMat of Pisa is no more sent to CvGmt News but to

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in order to make the transition from one to two lists, we subscribed all
the members of CvGmt News to Pisa MathNews.
Since every message sent to CvGmt News is forwarded to MathNews, if you
are interested in MathNews, please unsubscribe by CvGmt News, otherwise
you get 2 copies of every email sent to CvGmt,

to unsubscribe by CvGmt News, go to
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MathNews, at the page

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Sorry for the inconvenience, but we think that these changes will make
things more useful

For any further info contact us at web at cvgmt.sns.it
The CvGmt Admins

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