[CvGmt News] Postdoctoral Position

Luigi Ambrosio luigi at ambrosio.sns.it
Thu Nov 15 08:08:33 CET 2001

Dear colleagues,

I wanted to pass on the following advertisement to you for students
or younger colleagues. It can be found on our website under

http://www.math.ethz.ch/ --> Jobs --> D-math --> Positions for Postdocs.

Sincerely Yours,

Tom Ilmanen

p.s. Applications in geometric analysis are particularly welcome and
no German is necessary for the job.

			Postdoctoral Positions

The Department of Mathematics at the ETH Zürich invites applications
for four postdoctoral positions with a term running from October 2002
to September 2003, possibly September 2004. Preference will be given
to applicants who are not more than 2 years past their PhD. and not
more than 30 years of age. In accordance with our equal opportunities
commitment, we encourage female mathematicians to apply. To ensure
proper consideration of your application we should receive it by
November 30, 2001, since the selection process will commence shortly
after. Later applications may be considered for any positions which
might remain open.

To apply, send a short cover letter together with:

- a current CV specifying citizenship, date of birth, academic
degrees with institution and year awarded and, if you have already
obtained your doctoral degree, the title of your thesis and the name
of the person who supervised it;

- a list of publications;

- a survey of past and a description of current research interests.

In addition, you should also arrange for three letters of
recommendation supporting your application to be sent directly to us.
It is very much in your interest for these letters to be with us by
the time the selection process begins in December of 2001.
Applications and letters of recommendation should be sent to:
Department of Mathematics, ETH Zentrum, 8092 Zürich, Switzerland.

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