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Fri Mar 16 15:21:26 CET 2001

PostDoc Position at the ETH

   A one-year PostDoc position in mathematics at the ETH (Zuerich) is
   Areas of interest: geometric analysis, nonlinear PDE, minimal
   surfaces, GMT, Riemannian geometry, geometric evolution equations.
   Duties: no official teaching duties; offering an advanced course is
   Language: english or german.
   Qualifications: a recent PhD in mathematics who does not hold a
   Time frame: applications welcome now. The job will run for the
   academic year 2001-2002.
   Inquiries, vita, publication list, research statement, papers should
   be sent immediately to the address given below.
   Tom Ilmanen
   Departement Mathematik
   ETH Zentrum
   CH-8092 Zuerich
   +41-1-632-5443 (work)
   +41-1-632-1085 (fax)
   http://www.math.ethz.ch/ ilmanen
   ilmanen at math.ethz.ch
   Patricia Lienhard (secy)
   lienhard at math.ethz.ch

Reference: ilmanen at math.ethz.ch
Reference: www.math.ethz.ch/~ilmanen

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