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Marianne Korten marianne at math.ksu.edu
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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Attached please find an announcement for the Prairie Analysis Seminar
to be held at Kansas State University in Manhattan, October 19-20 2001.
Please forward this message to any interested faculty, doctoral student
or recent graduate.
The Prairie Analysis Seminar is a joint project of Kansas State University and
The University of Kansas. We hope to be able to hold this meeting yearly.
This time, Prof. Fang-Hua Lin from Courant Institute, NYU will be our main
lecturer, with two hour-long additional invited lectures by Profs. Robert Hardt
form Rice University and Yisong Yang from IAS (Princeton).
We have allocated time for contributed talks.
We hope to be starting a successful seminar!

Please get in touch with us if you want to participate!

For more information go to http://www.math.ksu.edu/pas.


                 The Prairie Analysis Seminar

 October 19-20, 2001

  Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA

  Main Speaker: Prof. Fang-Hua Lin, Courant Institute, NYU,

  We hope to start with this seminar a sequence of yearly analysis meetings
 organized each Fall by the analysis faculty at Kansas State University and
 The University of Kansas. The goal is  to provide an opportunity for
 exchange and cooperation among analysts (broadly defined). The centerpiece
 of the seminar is a series of one-hour lectures given by a keynote speaker,
 with additional matching lectures in the area. There is time
 allocated for shorter contributed talks. If you would like to attend
 and /or give a talk, please submit the registration form below  by
September 10,
 2001. Due to budget restrictions, unfortunately we will not be able
 to cover travel expenses for contributed speakers, but we may be able to
 provide inexpensive housing for some participants.

 Organizers: Marianne Korten (marianne at math.ksu.edu), Estela Gavosto
 (gavosto at math.ukans.edu), Charles Moore (cnmoore at math.ksu.edu),
 Rodolfo Torres (torres at math.ukans.edu).


                 Registration Form




  ______I would  like to give a short talk.

  Tentative title:

  Travel Plans:

  ______I will be traveling by car.

  ______ I will be flying into Manhattan.

         Arrival (day/time):
         Airline/flight #:

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