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Subject: Workshop Muenster
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>>                         Announcement
>>                         ------------
>>The SFB 478 (Sonderforschungsbereich ''Geometrische Strukturen in der
>>Mathematik'') will organize a workshop on  Metric Geometry and Singular
>>Spaces at the Departement of Mathematics of the University of Muenster
>>>From September 9th 2001 (arrival) to September 14th 2001 (departure).
>>Topics:  Integral geometry, Curvatures, Spectral Geometry, Geometric
>>Inequalities, Geometric Measure Theory.
>>Confirmed speakers: Krysztof Kurdyka (Le Bourget du Lac), Urs Lang
>>(Zurich), Lev Birbrair (Fortaleza), Joseph Fu (Georgia), Yuri Burago (St.
>>Petersburg), Adam Parusinski (Angers), Tobias Kaiser (Regensburg).
>>There will be time for several others to present their work.
>>If you would like to come to Muenster for this workshop, please contact us
>>as soon as possible.
>>Please pass on this information to any who might be interested.
>>A second circular with more detailed information will be sent to all who
>>have expressed their interest.
>>With best regards,
>>Ludwig Broecker, Andreas Bernig
>>e-mail: broe at math.uni-muenster.de, bernig at math.uni-muenster.de

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