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Subject: Oxford post

Dear Colleague, Please draw the job opportunity below to anyone who
might be interested. Thank-you. John Ball


Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division
Mathematical Institute

in association with Trinity College

The Mathematical Institute proposes to appoint a University Lecturer in
nonlinear analysis with effect from 1 October 2002 or as soon as
possible thereafter.  The successful candidate will be offered a
Tutorial Fellowship by Trinity College, under arrangements described in
the further particulars.  The combined University and College salary
will be according to age on a scale up to £41,158 per annum, rising to
£41,570 wef 1 March 2002.  Additional college allowances may be
available, as set out in the further particulars.
The successful candidate must have a record of internationally excellent

research in the field of nonlinear analysis.  He or she will be expected

to join the research group led by Professor John Ball, FRS, and to
lecture and give tutorials in pure mathematics.

Further particulars of the post are available from the Administrator,
24-9 St Giles’, Oxford OX1 3LB (+44 1865 273542, fax +44 1865 273583,
email drake at maths.ox.ac.uk, www.maths.ox.ac.uk). Applicants should
submit nine copies (one in the case of applicants based overseas) of a
letter of application supported by a curriculum vitae and statement of
research interests, together with the names of three referees (not more
than two from the same institution).  The application should be sent to
the Administrator at the above address to arrive no later than 18
January 2002. Applicants must arrange for their referees to send
references direct to the Administrator by the same date.
The University is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

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